10 Dec 2016

Artificial Intelligence

AI has a wide variety of applications that range from self-driving cars, medical diagnosis, and solving complex mathematical problems. At Source Data Science, we are applying this technology to Microservices. Due to the robust nature of this technology, you have the ability to easily integrate artif...
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07 Dec 2016

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition is not only for law enforcement and apps such as Snapchat. Use it for a multitude of other platforms. Instantly sign in and out of your computer as you go about your life without the use of a password. Never worry about someone trying to access your information while you are away ...
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21 Nov 2016


Source Data Science maintains the highest standards of security and data encryption available. Never worry about having your data stolen. We keep all data backed up in our own data centers, safe away from untrustworthy hands. Go with security that you can trust....
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17 Oct 2016


We are trying to push the limits of networking. Previously, virtual communication had been one on one, writing letters or emails and making phone calls. With the progression of technology, we do not only have the ability to instantly communicate with thousands of people but the ability to collaborat...
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20 Sep 2016

Software Defined Data Center

Modernize your company’s hosting needs, our one of a kind operating system eliminates the need for expensive computer hardware and software. We control all back-end operations using a software-defined data center. All elements of the infrastructure become virtualized; storage, security, CPU, netwo...
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16 Sep 2016

1 Gbps Internet Speeds

Use some of the best internet available in the United States. When using our Virtual Machines, separate yourself from slow, local internet, and use our connection. Tests have verified that our systems have hit speeds as fast as 1 Gbps. Utilize Microservices to the best of their ability, and collect ...
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